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Dirt-Dog 3Pt. 72" Spike-Aerator CAR72

NEW Dirt Dog 3pt 72" spike aerator model Car72 for sale. Dirt Dog’s Pluggers and Aerators are the perfect tool to care for lawns and pastures by breaking up and aerating compacted dirt with your tractor. Our Aerator is equipped with slicing knives. These knives are great for athletic fields since they don’t disturb the surface while they aerate and hydrate. Knives are also great for controlling thatch. The frame can also be used as a weight rack to get maximum penetration. The knifes are on independently rotating and greaseable hubs on a 1 1/4" axle to allow your lawn to breathe, hydrate, and relieve compaction. The frame can be used as a weight rack to get maximum penetration. CAR Features: Independently Greasable & Rotating Hubs, Weight Rack Designed for Maximum Penetration, Five Gallon Buckets Fits in Weight Rack, Category 1 Quick Hitch Compatible, Solid 1 1/4” Axle, has 180 knifes, weighs 219lbs. with out additional weight, etc. $1299.99. Call 832 289 5406. NO TEXT. www.windstarequipment.com
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