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1. Repairing personnel's duties- repair pallets
2. Reman Personnel Duties experience building pallets
3. He saw experienced operator personnel
4. Bandsaw experience operator
5. Clipping track experience operator
6. Chop saw experience operator
1. Reparar paletas de reparación de personal duties
2. Reman personal duties experimenta la construcción
de palets
3. Vio personal Experience Operador
4. Operador de Bandsaw Experience
5. Operador De Trim Track Experience
6. Chop Saw Operador de experiencia

Buying: 48x40 4ways A's work $4.00
48x40 4ways A's ready $6.00
48x40 4ways B's work $3.00
48x40 4ways B's ready $4.00

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