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New or Used Mats, Railroadties

Laminated Mats
Laminated mats are used to provide a more stable foundation for equipment to operate safely on and for traffic of vehicles with rubber tires to provide all-weather access onto job sites. Our mats are light-weight and easy to install/remove from the work area for your convenience.

Digging Mats
Digging mats are also referred to as timber mats, and they are used to create stabilization for cranes and large construction sites so that they may operate safely and properly. They are also commonly layered under oil rig cranes.

Crane Mats
Crane mats are used to provide support and stability for large equipment on job sites. The most common use is with cranes so that the conditions are stable and even to prevent sinking or tipping of the equipment.

Utility Poles
Utility poles can be used for farm and ranching, fence posts, pole barns, buildings, various lighting uses and other projects. Standard lengths are 8ft through 48 ft long, and diameters range from 10 to 18 inches in diameter. We can do custom orders and custom cuts.

Railroad Ties
Used railroad ties add rustic, natural beauty to any landscaping project. Ties can be used as nonstructural elements or for decorative landscaping accents. Construct beautiful fences, steps, retaining walls, flower boxes, borders or walkways.

Industrial Stairs
Pipe Racks
Tote Tanks

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