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Reusable shoe covers

Free! Wear light on your feet; go strong in your workplace! Reusable shoe covers offered by Bootie Shoe Covers are constructed of durable, washable and environmentally-friendly material. Usable for workers associated with cable installation, home inspection, pest control and a host of other service-related jobs. Sure-grip bottoms - elastic tops, water-resistant tops and waterproof bottoms will give you the ease of use. No front or back and no right or left. It is made of lightweight and durable material.

You can choose GB1 Mens size 8.5 and smaller or Womens size 5-12, MB1 XL – fits Mens size 13.5 to 17 or MB1-Fits Mens size 9-13.5. For bulk prices, visit our site bootieshoecover.com or drop an email at info@bootieshoecover.com now! The one and only solution for your dirty floor problems! Look no more! Visit us: https://bootieshoecover.com/

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