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Free dogs

FREE! DOLLY, female (husky mix) & PARTYN, male (lab mix) both 7-9 years old, adopted from League City. Both neutered & chipped. Partyn is very sweet & afraid of everything (we think he was abused previously). Dolly is more hyper & not afraid of anything at all. They both spend most of the day outside, But enjoy being inside to lay around. They are fine sleeping outside at night in their house as long as the weather is nice. They don’t like dog beds, they like blankets though. They like to go on walks & to the dog park. Very friendly.
We will provide dog food, bowls, toys, house, 2 crates, any extra soap & medications we have...& take them to the vet to make sure they are all up to date before handing off
Please contact this number: 832-875-0636

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