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University of Houston Research Study

Are you between the ages of 21-60 and are you proficient in English?
Have you experienced a traumatic/stressful event?
Do you currently drink alcohol?
Do you own a smartphone?

You might qualify for a study at the University of Houston aiming to learn more about how people who use alcohol and have experienced trauma manage difficult emotional experiences. This study involves two visits about two months apart, and answering daily questions on your smartphone for a 3-week period. The daily questions will take about 15 minutes to answer. You will be paid up to $110 in electronic gift cards for completing the study.

If you are interested, please take this screening survey so we can determine if you qualify. You will not be compensated for this screening survey.


This research study has been reviewed by the University of Houston Institutional Review Board.

For questions, please contact the investigator:
Maya Zegel, M.A., mzegel@uh.edu; 713-743-4873 (office)

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