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Tandem Bicycle With Travel Cases

Co-motion Sky Capp Tandem & Travel Cases.

2000 Model Road Bike / Tandem
Brand: Co-Motion Sky Capp
Large frame 23x20 Steel
Custom paint: 3-color fade: Garnet, Pavo Purple and Midnight Metallic Blue
Couplers built into the frame for simple compatibility and reassembly
STI Package (Shimano Total Integration)
Chris King headset
9-speed shifters
Shimano style clipless pedals
Softride stoker beam
Trunk rack and trunk
Captain cyclometer
Wheel size: 27.5” (700mm)
Approximately 10,600 miles
Well maintained.

2 Hard Travel Cases.
One single disassembled bicycle fits in one case or one tandem with coupler disassembly fits in 2 cases. Airline checkable.
Case dimensions: 26.5 x 26.5 x 10 inches
These cases were purchased new and never used.


We are located in Allen, which is north of Plano and south of McKinney, two miles east of Hwy 75.

Landline only: 972-396-1694

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