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Car Detailer (Up to $30/Hr)

This is our Entry Level Position:

The goal of this position is to learn from the ground up and master our mobile detailing procedures as applicant prepares to move into management role.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
•Details vehicle according to the customer’s specific instructions.
•Shampoos carpets and upholstery.
•Vacuums floors and seats.
•Cleans and vacuums the trunk.
•Cleans out ashtrays and cup holders.
•Conditions vinyl and leather.
•Cleans all trash, debris and dirt from the interior of the vehicle.
•Uses special foams and detergents designed for specific types of microfibers
•Polishes the dashboard, steering wheel, trims and moldings inside the vehicle.
•Cleans door frames and instrument panels.
•Cleans all dirt, grease and tar from the exterior of the vehicle.
•Reconditions the vehicle’s exterior.
•Cleans all glass on the vehicle, inside and out, with the appropriate type of rag and cleaning solution.
•Cleans all mirrors with the proper substance.
•Steams the engine.
•Removes grease from the engine and other parts under the hood.
•Waxes and buffs vehicles after washing.
•Polishes the exterior chrome and all trim on the exterior of the vehicle using special chrome cleaners.
•Uses air compressors and special equipment to dry the inside and outside surfaces.
•Applies chemicals to surfaces to protect against spots and stains.
•Uses various waxes and dyes to protect the leather parts of a vehicle’s interior.
•Uses hoses and pumps for washing and rinsing vehicles.
•Dries floor mats.
•Cleans and polishes wheel rims and makes them sparkle.
•Cleans the headlights, brake lights and taillights making them brighter.
•Manages the inventory of cleaning supplies.
•Keeps records of customers and calls when it might be time for another detail.

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